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a new story brewing, I’d love your feedback

And you were sitting on the sill.

I was standing behind the shadow
when you turned a last time, to look

but you didn’t see me

And I didn’t call out

But you smiled anyway
before you turned again toward the city lights

closed your eyes upward, and hands raised
And disappeared, over the edge

like a bird

I was standing behind the shadow,
in the dusk approaching

My tongue sliced
My hands tied
My anguish fleeting
My eyes glimmering

like a demon, disappearing.


She was strangely aware of the way her eyes burned from cold dark air, the surprise of how falling felt heavy and dense, not at all like she imagined, not sailing or floating or flying.

Just dirty. And real. Messy plummeting.  Her last thought was regret that she was leaving a grisly scene for some poor sad sap to cleanup, someone who probably hated their job but lacked the perspective on what they felt was possible for themselves.

After she vanished, I waited and heard a gruesome thud.  And some commotion.  And some emotion.  And it was quiet then.  The darkened 27th floor, the window empty, the door was till opened.  Coffee was on, from 3 PM, beginning to burn; and I wasn’t even laying flat or feeling lonely yet.

She was a deer.  We met that way, it was Nov 19 and I was wearing a pea-coat with tennis shoes, levi’s, and a green beannie.  She was wearing that look I keep seeing girls over 20 wearing, where they’ve figured out how to ward off the majority of oogling guys eyes.  Gave me a cold quick, curious, glance.

She was a deer.

I have always been a wolf.  I wear gentleness and understanding like well fitted sheepskin.

When I speak to you, in the background
there are whispers, not voices.

I cherish the salty earth and the silver sea
A glow that sings with doves and melts with demons. Make its reign magnetic, by swarming with lip service; I was the knight once, they told me I could keep you all away from harm.
So it’s unclear
what’s happened between, what brought so much trouble here.
Besides these messages from god or someone like that.
In the mountain, I’m digging so determined to uncover.
I want to share
Loneliness with you #poetry #poem #poets

This is the breathing that you need. My love was the death of desperate falling apart. You used to cry when reading my letters. Now you look for ways to melt me. I look for words to move you. I look forward to mean something. #poetry #poem #poets #wordstumbling

Some words are like exhales
unbeknownst and easy
But today I’m all tensed up
and really lonely
and really, lovely.
Just hidden within a scary beard, straggled hair
and my intimidating stance.
or so I’m told.
I want the ocean charm
the Pacific magic buried in sand
kept in the cries of gulls, the crash of waves
carved on the cliff face
I was meant to entangle with seaweed
and drift wood
To build fires on the beach
like faith in smaller hearts
like truth on sunnier shores
I want the Ocean salve
the water held in clouds
makes me mist in my eyes
To dream of living without being tormented
#poetry #poem #poets